Join the team... Be one of the Muslim Women of Spoken Word!!!
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their stories.  their experience.  their words.

Give them a voice, and & all will hear:..'The muslim women of spoken word'.

Imagine... A pluthoria of amazing spoken word artists from various culturl and geographical backgrounds that are connected by the string of Islam and gender. Listen to their experiences as women who are Muslim celebrated through their love for the arts.

This production places Muslim  Women of the Mic to converge on the stage to captivate and poetically enthrill you with the truths that they know as life. Though their cultural and geographic origins may differ, their experiences are radically different and the shades they see the world through filter differently... they are strung together by TWO commonalities: 1. They are women who's life has been filtered through Islam in one way or another and 2. Their love for Spoken Word and the Performing Arts. 

Join them again on Aptil 28th, 2019 and let them take you on a journey to share their triumphs, trials and hopes. Undersrand and feel their disappointments, joys and desires as they bare their unfiltered experiences with glimpse of their souls... their stories their words.

Crescent Moon Nights presents the 7th installement of 'The Muslim Women of Spoken Word.'

Crescent Moon Nights (C.M.N.) sates; "These women are guaranteed to captivate the audience and take them on a lyrical journey through the trials and triumphs of their souls."

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EMAIL: [email protected]
TEL: (202) 487-3874